TrendCandy conducts original survey research on trends that B2B Marketers publish as great content

When your content shares data instead of just opinion, it earns more press coverage, generates more leads, and builds more thought leadership



We create survey research that you use for content marketing, PR campaigns, SEO and B2B lead generation. 


Always have original thought-leadership content on any topic you want.  



Each month we conduct one thought-leadership survey on buzzworthy topics your customers care about.

We can give you infographics, social-media assets,  SEO articles, 1-pagers, eBooks, and PR pitches you can use immediately as unique content. 



We've helped marquee brands like 3M, Evernote, Disney, TD Ameritrade, SAP, Qualtrics, and Pinterest.

We've also helped dozens of smaller brands with modest budgets because our pricing is affordable & flexible


the b2b power 

 projection playbook

 How to Create Top-Performing Thought Leadership with Original Survey Research

When it comes to content, your brand's opinion isn't good enough. You need data no one else has.

Learn how to 10x your B2B marketing content with this step-by-step webinar full of practical tips.

1 / pick a study topic

Offer new research on trends influencers are already talking about

Mock up your main report insights and takeaways

2 / write sample headlines

3 / design your survey

Reverse engineer your sample headlines into survey questions

4 / field your survey

Collect responses from a random sample of qualified respondents 

Replace mocked-up headlines with actual headlines from your data

5 / update your headlines

6 / launch your assets

Create and publish eBooks, infographics, blog posts, press pitches etc.

TrendCandy is 

Justin Ethington

  • Expert in thought leadership, content marketing, survey methodology

  • Trusted by TD Ameritrade, Disney, 3M, Qualtrics, Audible, Pinterest

  • 15 years experience helping brands grow with thought leadership

  • Master's in Integrated Marketing from Northwestern University

Julia Giona

  • 20 years experience in global marketing & public relations for leading Silicon Valley companies

  • Head of PR for Evernote, Echelon, inMobi, Nexmo & Qualtrics

  • Expert in global and US communications with thousands of media contacts around the world.

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TrendCandy gives you turn-key research services for monthly content



Thought leadership research isn’t just stats and science.


It takes creativity, art, and sometimes even humor to find surprising insight hooks.

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How B2B Marketers Can Project Authority with Research-Backed Content

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