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Work Samples & Press

 The Qualtrics Millennials Report 

covered in an CNBC exclusive feature series 

Intercom's 5 Reasons to Love Chatbots

Deloitte's 2024 Trend Report on Data Privacy

Creative Leadership Webinar

(Presented by leaders from Google, Microsoft & Adobe)

Adobe's Future of Time Report 

WorkVivo's 2024 Infographic on Frontline Worker Trust

The Pulse of Procurement by Lumino

Business Leader Optimism by SAP

Intercom's 2023 Customer Service Report

The 2024 State of Analytics Engineering

Evolving Data Dynamics - the dbt 2024 Infographic

Intercom's 2024 Customer Service Report

The State of AI in Customer Service

Virtana Coverage in VentureBeat

35 North's Future of BioLabs Report

The CareerBuilder Energy Jobs Report

Adobe's How Creative Leaders Got There

Helping First-Level Leaders to Lead

The dbt 2024 Data Engineering Report

SAP Concur: When is Business Travel Coming Back?

20 Ways to SuperCharge Marketing ROI with Research

Porch Pirates and Home Package Delivery

Intercom's Future of Customer Support

Adobe's Lessons on Creative Leadership

Brunel Energy Report Press Coverage with Reuters, Forbes, The Globe & Mail and AsiaOne

The Future of Support is Conversational

The Future of Chatbots (Forbes Coverage)

How Asynchronous Communication Grows Businesses 

What it's Really Like to Start a Business

The Intercom Customer Support Trends Report

AI for Marketing: The Wonder and the Worry

Hot New Cosmetics Trends

Virtana State of Multi Cloud Management

Forbes Coverage of Intercom Supply Chain Survey Data

Office Space: What Employees Really Think

The America That Isn't Divided: Small Businesses

Where Chatbots are Headed

TD Ameritade Investor Webcasts

TrendCandy research featured in...

Harvard Business Review,  CNBC,  USAToday,  Business Insider,  People etc.

Are Bots Coming for your Job?

The VTS Global Commercial Landlord Study

What a Rise in Package Theft  means for Retailers

The Hospital Patient Leakage & Keepage Report

Qualtrics Blog Contributing Author

Intercom on Sales: The Playbook for Scaling a Billion-Dollar Business

The DemandScience Benchmark Study on Intent Data for Marketers

Weave: Five Ways Pet Clinics Can Drive Millennial Loyalty (eBook)

Five Ways Pet Clinics Can Drive Millennial Loyalty (Infographic)

How COVID-19 Has Been Bad for Workers With Migraine

Is Black Friday Cancelled Too?

Customer Support Trends by Intercom

VentureBeat Coverage of Valtix MultiCloud Survey

How Virtual Selling Has Changed Sales Coaching

Qualtrics - The Guide to Brand Tracking

Who Owns Sales Enablement?

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