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The #1 Way to 10x Your B2B Marketing Content

Recorded Webinar / 20 Minutes / 2019


Improve your B2B content marketing results 10x with a specific thought-leadership method. 

 Julia Giona and Justin Ethington show you step by step how they grew B2B content results for brands like Evernote, TD Ameritrade, Qualtrics and Audible using techniques like "Start at the End", "Hooks" and "More/Than Less/Than".

Watch Webinar Now (20 min)
4-minute highlight version also available

About your webinar presenters

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Julia Giona and Justin Ethington create original survey research on trending topics that you own and publish as content. They have made thought-leadership marketing the #1 lead channel at the world's biggest tech brands. Their data content frequently outperforms other marketing 10:1 for building pipeline and press coverage.


You can see their work featured in the Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, CNN, CNBC, Business Insider, CNET and dozens of other media channels.  

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