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Justin Ethington

TrendCandy conducts original surveys on trends that B2B brands publish as better content and PR.

When your content offers data instead of just opinion, it's more trusted, covered and shared.

Get Enterprise Quality Survey Data
at a Small Business Price
Client Outcomes, Work Samples, and Press
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SAP's report on Executive Optimism was its #2 most downloaded content asset of that year
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The Qualtrics Millennial Report was covered by CNN, CNBC, WSJ, HBR and Bloomberg

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Intercom's Sales Playbook built a sales pipeline of over 100,000 Marketing Qualified Leads

"I hired TrendCandy to conduct several surveys and help us produce thought leadership research. This was important to our content marketing , demand generation, and PR efforts but I simply did not have the time or expertise to make it happen. TrendCandy's process is very efficient and streamlined. They produce high-quality work and are a great partner. I highly recommend working with TrendCandy!"

Ginna H / Allego

"My agency worked with TrendCandy on several marketing projects for one of our clients. TrendCandy delivered several thought leadership eBooks and infographics with original survey research for content marketing, PR, SEO, and lead generation. The company's CEO was so impressed; he thanked Justin personally... something that never happens. We will work with TrendCandy on future projects."

Kevin S / Engel O'neill

"I've worked with TrendCandy on a number of industry surveys spanning topics from cyber security, to manufacturing, to supply chain disruption. TrendCandy's expertise from survey design and conception, through execution and analysis has always led to an outstanding outcome!"

Mike G / Lumina PR

"TrendCandy's work had a huge impact on our brand message and narrative. Through their research we were able to show a substantial disconnect between the business strategies of cloud computing and the fundamental realities that IT and security teams were dealing with. The research was leveraged effectively as part of numerous brand / PR and demand generation efforts. Justin at TrendCandy is also a delight to work with and has really nailed the tops down process of building out market research."

Erik K / Valtix

"TrendCandy's thought-leadership approach at Qualtrics helped re-shape our go-to-market model. Now we use original research to support our product launches, content campaigns, vertical market entries and press outreach."

Ben R / Qualtrics

"Having regular research is a big boost to our content because it delivers more value and drives more brand credibility in new markets. Justin at TrendCandy is wonderful to work with generally but his expertise has added an extra edge to our marketing strategy that we would not have had otherwise."

Kortney O / Weave

"We used TrendCandy's services to help us build a complex survey and use the data to produce a thought leadership report for our industry. Justin at TrendCandy immediately understood our goals and challenges, he gave actionable and relevant recommendations from day 1 of the project. Justin is professional, easy to work with, flexible and efficient. Not only did he build our survey, but he also helped us engineering the questions in order to make sure that the data was going to fulfil our end goals. He shared his expertise and went over and beyond our expectations."

Elsa T / CareerBuilder


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How to turn survey data into an effective content and pr campaign

What you get with TrendCandy


Full-service survey research including strategy, survey design, fielding and analysis

What you don't get with TrendCandy


 Frustrating weeks of crunching numbers and analyzing survey datasets


Creative thinking and ideas to make your research on-topic, on-brand and engaging


Worrying about the risk that your survey data won't say anything interesting


We recruit all your survey respondents using the world's most reliable sources for vetted sample


Headaches and hassles trying to get enough qualified survey respondents


Options to get just the research, or fully produced eBooks, reports, infographics etc


Content that's ignored by the press and buyers because it's not valuable or original enough


2-3 weeks and $9-14k


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How to Use "Start at the End" in Your Content

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How to Turn Survey Data into Dozens of Assets

Justin @ Avalaunch Google Day

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