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Boost Your B2B Content Using Survey Data

Original Surveys Done For You Can Fuel A Whole Year Of Stellar Content
For Your PR, Social Media, SEO, And Marketing Campaigns

TrendCandy is Justin Ethington 
Expert Survey Researcher for B2B Content

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Still Sharing B2B Content That’s Opinion, Not Data?

How many opinions do you see online every day?


When was the last time you cared about one of those opinions? Exactly. The fact is that everyone ignores opinions.

-Including your audience and buyers.

-Including journalists and the press.

-Including industry leaders and influencers.


If you’ve had enough of being ignored online and want to start driving industry conversations instead of simply joining them…


You’re in the right place.

No One Will Buy From You Until They Buy Into You.That’s Where Surveys Come In.

But not just any surveys.


Fully customized, creative, and unique surveys, on any top trend in your industry, with the data published to make your content more important, more credible, and more compelling.


A way to show your B2B buyers that you understand their business.


And when you share survey data, you don’t just make your brand look smart. 


You make your buyers feel smart - with content so incredibly valuable that they’d literally pay for it if they had to.


But before you start stressing about methodology, finding qualified respondents and slogging through analysis:


Thought leadership research is so much more than statistics and science.


And that’s why businesses come to TrendCandy.

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Ready To Stop Producing Content That Everyone Ignores?

Trusted by Top Brands...

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And Dozens of Startups

TrendCandy's Process

1. Research

We'll help choose a study topic that influencers and the media are already talking about - but with a fresh new perspective.


Our years of expertise allow us to draw from a reservoir of ideas to help make sure your topic idea is on-topic, on-brand, and highly engaging.

2. Survey

We reverse-engineer headlines into survey questions. So, instead of asking questions & hoping to find compelling stats, we start with compelling stats and work backwards to see if they’re true.


With access to millions of vetted B2B respondents, we’ll collect responses from a large, random sample.

3. Analysis

We conduct all statistical analyses as a credible, independent research firm, with the results delivered back to you in 2-3 weeks.


The mocked-up headlines can then be replaced with real headlines from your data, ready to grab the attention of your audience and not let go.

4. Deliverables

We deliver ready-to-go content assets for all your PR, social media, SEO, and marketing needs.


Get fully produced reports, infographics, social media assets, SEO articles, eBooks, PR pitches, and 1-pagers - or just get the research as-is! 

10x Your Content Volume While Improving Quality

Hear from brands
we've helped


“The CEO Thanked Justin Personally - Something That Never Happens”


"My agency worked with TrendCandy on several marketing projects for one of our clients. TrendCandy delivered several thought leadership eBooks and infographics… for content marketing, PR, SEO, and lead generation. The company's CEO was so impressed; he thanked Justin personally... something that never happens!”


Kevin S / Engel O'Neill


“TrendCandy’s Expertise Has Always Led To An Outstanding Outcome”


I've worked with TrendCandy on a number of industry surveys spanning topics from cyber security, to manufacturing, to supply chain disruption. TrendCandy's expertise from survey design and conception, through execution and analysis has always led to an outstanding outcome!"

Mike G / Lumina PR

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“Helped Reshape Our Go-To-Market Model”


“TrendCandy's thought-leadership approach at Qualtrics helped reshape our go-to-market model. Now we use original research to support our product launches, content campaigns, vertical market entries, and press outreach."

Ben R / Qualtrics

5 Reasons to Choose TrendCandy
TrendCandy isn't just better, it's different


Survey Data Content Performs Better


When you have exclusive survey stats, you have proof, not opinions. Your content delivers value, not fluff. 


Buyers trust it. The media covers it. Leaders share it. Influencers point to it.


Your Entire Survey: Done For You

You avoid having to write a scientific survey, the expense and headache of recruiting survey respondents, and the frustration of data analysis.


And most projects only take 2-3 weeks.


One Survey = A Year Of Better Content


TrendCandy clients get so many unique stats that it’s easy to create tons of great content instead of writing from scratch.


No need to zap your budget every month on creative agencies.


Surveys With Unlimited Potential

TrendCandy data can be used in almost every aspect of your business.


Pitches for your PR team. Lead generation material for your sales team. Content for your social media team. Stats for your email team. Topics for panels. Podcast material. Headlines for your lead gen team. Research for your SEO team. Soundbites for your product team.


Guaranteed Results

You don’t pay unless you’re 100% satisfied with our results.


Plus, if you don’t DOUBLE your content engagement with TrendCandy survey data (at the MINIMUM) - we’ll work for FREE on new surveys until you do.

Triple your press coverage in 3 months

We Talk A Big Game Because We Have The Big Results To Back It Up

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No one ever became a leader by pointing to someone else's thought leadership

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